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Last year we asked parents what they thought the three most important factors were in choosing a secondary school. A hundred parents responded and cited a huge array of issues that mattered to them, showing that there is far from a consensus on what is important in secondary schools. Thirty per cent of parents rated “good results” as the most important thing. Second came “happiness of children” at 27 per cent. And in third place, at 24 per cent, came “good pastoral support”. Other important factors were “quality of teaching” and “personal/academic development”. The full results are as follows:

Good results 30
Happiness of children 27
Good pastoral care 24
Quality of teaching 23
Opportunities for development/ academic achievement 22
Vibrant/ welcoming atmosphere / environment 19
School ethos 16
Proximity 14
Discipline 12
Range of facillites / broad cirriculum 11
Local 9
Reach potential / Stretch high achievers 9
Safety of my child 9
Good extra curricular 8
Sport 6
SEN support 6
Good Ofsted 5
Bullying 5
Strong art department/ creative subjects 5
Good comms with parents 5
Children feel safe / secure 5
Leadership 4
Good reputation 4
Balance between results & pastoral 3
Local community involvment 3
Mixed sex / single sex 3
Good peer group/ friendships 2
Likelihood of a place 2
Diversity 2
School size 2
Comprehensive 1
Class size 1
Uniform 1
Amount of homework 1
Parents at the school 1