Meet the Parents Films

Meet the Parnents social enterprise  has branched out into making films for school open days and websites. The idea is to make films that are not all PR schmoooze, but which put to schools the sort of questions that parents really wanted answered. As a fomer Newsnight correspondent, there is nothing Meet the Parents founder Madeleine Holt  likes more than putting people on the spot.  Schools seem to like it – because they have strong answers to tough questions.

Meet the Parents is working with an experienced former BBC cameraman and picture editor, Steve Sklair, of Sklair Films. Steve and Madeleine work quickly under pressure of time. This is vital in busy places like schools.

Our rates are extremely competitive because school budgets are tight. If you are interested in us making a film for your school, please get in touch at

Check out our films:

William Ellis School

Parliament Hill School

Acland Burghley School

Regent High School

Or watch our Regent high school film here, as  a taster:

This is what Regent High School’s Director of Community Engagement, Richard Harrison, had to say about working with us:

‘Regent High School worked very closely with both Madeleine and her colleague, cameraman and editor Steve Sklair, throughout the whole process of planning, filming and editing the film. We sat with Madeleine and jointly planned the key elements we wanted in the film; the school then liaised with staff, students, parents/carers and partners about the logistics, and I was there to ensure the filming went smoothly over the two days. We had full control over the edit and were extremely happy with the end result. Both Madeleine and Steve worked very quickly and professionally, which is vital in a busy school.

‘As a former BBC Newsnight correspondent, Madeleine brings to the film the ability to ask questions that parents/carers may be wary of asking. This was the sort of film we were aiming for:an honest film that gave us the chance to provide answers to the questions parents/carers want to ask. We showed the ten minute version at our Open Evening and received very positive feedback, and have now commissioned a shortened version for our website and to use when visiting primary schools.’