Meet the Parents

A grassroots event to find out what your local state secondary school is REALLY like.

“Meet the Parents is a brilliant initiative, which should help applicants to state secondary schools feel more confident about what they would be experiencing as students in those schools. As part of a comprehensive-educated dynasty, I hope it becomes part of the fabric of the education system.”
Robert Peston, BBC Economics Editor and founder of Speakers for Schools (


Meet the Parents brings together parents who have sent their children to a local secondary school with parents who are deciding where to send their children for secondary education. The idea is simple: prospective secondary school parents get the chance to ask the sort of questions they can’t ask on a school visit or open evening. They go to their children’s primary school one evening, and informally put questions to parents who have committed to the local schools.

The aim is to help prospective secondary school parents who can now face a bewildering choice of schools – academies, free schools, selective or non-selective comprehensives, any of which can be single sex or co-educational. Each school often comes with its own reputation within the community, whether accurate or not. We encourage the secondary school parents to bring their children, so you can hear from the pupils themselves.

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