Meet the Parents is a pioneering scheme to give primary school parents the inside story on their local secondary schools. We arrange for families from the local comprehensives to come into feeder primaries and talk frankly about their experience at school. It fills a gap between slick open days and age-old rumours in the playground.

In the five years that we’ve been running the scheme in Camden in North London, we have won over scores of parents to staying local rather than sending their children to schools outside the area. Each child brings a boost to the secondary schools’ budgets and strengthens the local community.

Here’s what Robert Peston, ITV’s Political Editor, has to say about Meet the Parents:

Robert Peston
Robert Peston, Politic Editor, ITV News Founder, Speakers for Schools (www.speakers4schools.org)

Meet the Parents is a brilliant initiative, which should help applicants to state secondary schools feel more confident about what they would be experiencing as students in those schools. As part of a comprehensive-educated dynasty, I hope it becomes part of the fabric of the education system.